Tots & Kisses

Spoon & Fork Set

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Finally, to complete your safe, silicone meal set for your little one! Tot & Kisses Spoon & Fork Set is perfect for your tiny little ones' hands, perfect training for that hand grasp skills.

Details for your peace of mind:
● Pure food-grade silicone that's passed international food safety standards
● Free from BPA, lead, and phthalates
● Easy to clean, all parts are washable. Shallow ridges allow easy cleaning.
● Anti-bacterial surface does not harbor any odor (again because it's pure!)

Comes in 5 different colors that can match with Tots & Kisses Stay Put Divided Plate and 3 Stage Kiddie Cup.

Some reminders: Always supervise children during mealtime, or when using this kiddie cup. Do not allow the child to run with the cup and/or straw.

Certifications: CPC Certified to be safe for food contact (meets international safety standards for phthalates testing and migration of certain elements)

Care Instructions:
- Wash with warm soapy water.
- Dry completely before storing away to preserve the product.
- Sterilize using hot water, steam, or UV if desired.
- While our silicone material is highly durable, dispose at first visible signs of wear and tear.