Natruba 100% Natural Rubber Round Bath Math with Leaf Pattern

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NATRUBA - Round Bath Mat with Leaf Pattern (Natural Rubber)

Make bath time safe for yourself and your child. The Natruba bath mat is made of natural rubber from Hevea wood, which makes it natural, sustainable, and 100% plastic-free. The bath mat is a functional addition to the bathroom that makes bath time safer with more than 200 suction cups that ensure a good grip on the floor. It is produced with the environment, and personal well-being, in mind and designed with a minimalist, as well as a detailed and beautiful expression that compliments any bathroom.

Finally, a beautiful, natural, environmentally friendly, and biodegradable bath mat that does not contain plastic or harmful chemicals. Safe and stylish addition to bath time that can be used by everyone.

- Rinse the mat before first use.
- Rinse and hang the air-drying mat after each use to avoid mold formation.
- If the bath mat needs to be cleaned, wash with mild soapy water.
- Do not use chemicals as they may damage the natural rubber.
- Store in a dry place.

- Always make sure that the bath mat is firmly attached to the bath before use.
- Moisten the bottom of the bath and place the bath mat with the suction cup side down.
- Press the mat in different places to ensure that the suction cups suck.
- Gently pull on the mat to test the attachment of the mat.
- This is not a bath toy or float.
- Do not leave your child unattended in the bath.
- Remove any packaging before use.

The Conscious Mama is the authorized distributor of Natruba products here in the Philippines.