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Tots & Kisses Mini Eco Tower

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The classic stacking tower reinvented without nasty plastics and safety hazard center poles! Our Tots & Kisses Eco Mini Tower significantly reduces the safety risks that come with a standard stacking tower —

  • 100% food-grade silicone that is free from BPA and other chemicals commonly found in plastics
  • The unique lego mechanism allows stacking without a separate pole which poses choking and aspiration hazards to young children
  • Purposive rainbow colorway to aid in primary and secondary color recognition
  • Multiple ways to clean including steam or UV sterilizer without damaging its surface
  • Highly durable, perfect for teething babies or the most enthusiastic toddlers

Montessori-approved stacking tower encourages open-ended play, improves motor skills, and helps your little ones unlock the earliest concepts of math like shapes, sizes and sorting.

Product dimensions:

  • Each tower consists of 6 round blocks.
  • 8.5 cm diameter x 13.5 cm height

Certifications: SGS-certified FDA silicone

Care Instructions: Wash thoroughly before first-time use. Sterilize with UV, steam or hot water.