Secrets of Tea

Samah Bensalem, Secrets of Tea’s founder, was searching for a remedy for her first child’s colic, when she discovered an old family remedy - a special tea blend that had been used by her family for generations. After giving it to her daughter and seeing firsthand the almost “magical” results, she decided she couldn’t simply keep this remedy to herself.

Secrets of Tea have a complete line of natural & organic teas that enhance and improve the quality of life for women and babies. It has a unique blend for before, during and after pregnancy, that helps to improve hormonal balance in women's body.

With collaboration with professionals like gynecologists, psychologist, herbalists, and regular doctors, the goal is to compliment new science with old remedies to improve lifestyles.

Take comfort in knowing that each and every tea produced is completely vegan, USDA organic, FDA approved, Kosher and Halal certified. It does not have any artificial preservatives nor harmful natural flavors. It's Non-GMO and is caffeine, dairy, gluten, and soy Free. Rest assured for ingredients that are quality and fresh until the expiration date.