Knitting Expedition

Knitting Expedition is a social enterprise that crafts quirky toys, handmade home accessories, and woolly warmers which are hand-knit by mamas who tend the rice terraces in the Ifugao region. It provides supplementary income for the women who maintain rice terraces in Uhaj, Ifugao - to allow them to stay on their ancestral lands and not have to find work somewhere else.  The rice terraces are an awe-inspiring legacy of their town and of the Philippines and have provided sustenance for generations of their families.

We stumbled upon Knitting Expedition toys when my daughter's fairy godmother gifted her a knitted blue unicorn a couple of Christmas ago. As we continue to expand wide selection of safe, natural, and sustainable products, we decided to reach out to Knitting Expedition as soon as we found out the story behind their brand.