Dermtropics Raw Coconut + Aloe Vera Shampoo

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This low foaming shampoo contains all the nourishing ingredients of Organic Wet-Milled Virgin Coconut Oil and Coconut Milk that may soothe dry, itchy scalp and at the same time boost healthy hair follicles.

Enriched with Aloe Vera to help with dandruff relief, and further strengthen the hair and scalp.

Now formulated with plant-based Keratin to nourish and hydrate color treated,
damaged hair.

Its gentle formulation and low pH level of 5.5 will help preserve scalp's natural oils.

✔️ Sulfate-Free
✔️ Silicone-Free
✔️ Fragrance-Free
✔️ Curly Girl Method Approved
✔️ Safe for Color-Treated Hair
✔️ Vegan Friendly