Natruba 100% Natural Rubber Baby Rattle - Flower Collection

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Your little one is now able to chew away on the elegant Natruba flower rattle collection.

The Natruba rattle - flower collection is easy to grip for small hands with different surfaces to encourage sensory play and the soft natural rubber easily satisfies all stages of sore gums. With a bell in the bottom, it even stimulates the sense of hearing. Comforting teething and sensory heaven - all in one!

All Natruba toys are handmade Danish design. Handcrafted in natural rubber and carefully hand sculpted & handpainted with natural pigments, making it a perfect and pure companion for your little one.

Natruba toys are lightweight and easy for little hands to hold, they stimulate and practice movement, eye-space coordination, and fine motor skills. Natruba toys are not only safe and strengthen your little one’s development but also inspire to bonding through play and close interaction.

Like all Natruba products, this product is an all natural, eco-friendly and non-toxic (PVC, BPA, Phthalates, and Nitrosamines free) toy, designed with no valve, which means that no mold or bacteria can accumulate inside.

We hope you will take good care and enjoy this toy with your little one and remember: Be forever playful – it’s natural

- Height:11.5cm
- Width: 8.5cm


- Daisy (Light Yellow)

- Plumeria (Old Rose)

- Rose (Beige)

- Textured flower head and leaf pattern 
- Air filled body
- Bell for sound
- Silk-like surface touch 

Small errors and variations in details may therefore occur.

Colors may also vary, and may become weak or disappear over time, as these are natural pigments.

Product Care:

  • All Natruba toys are made of natural rubber.
  • Natural rubber toys should be cleaned using mildly soaped water and a damp cloth, do not use a dishwasher or sterilize in a microwave oven.
  • Clean the product before first use.
  • Dry the toys after use and keep them in a clean, dry place.
  • Do not expose the toys to direct sunlight or direct heat.


  • All Natruba toys are beautifully packed in FSC-certified cardboard boxes.
  • With a silky smooth, soft & premium feel surface, the packaging refers to the natural rubber and its softness. Inside the toys are wrapped in FSC-certified, biodegradable, recyclable shredded recycled paper made in the UK or silk paper.
  • Packaging texts and information is written in English.

Safety is our #1 priority so please take the time to read below points:

  • Read the included safety booklet before use.
  • Allergic reactions due to natural rubber may occur but are extremely rare.
    However, be aware of any allergic reactions, and stop any use of the toy if an allergic reaction occurs.
  • Do not rip the toy apart.
  • Check before use that the toy is in good condition, by pulling the various parts of the toy and check that it is still in good condition. If there are splits or cracks it should be discarded.
  • Remove all packaging before the product is given to the child. Retain the packaging as it contains important information.
  • Adult supervision is recommended at all times.